Thursday, July 7, 2011

July 5th: Apple on 5th, FAO and Dylans

After having no First on July 4th I hit the pavement with my youngest sister and daughter in an effort to make it up to you guys and myself.

I have seen the Apple Store on Fifth avenue but I have never been inside of it so.... A FIRST!!
When we arrived to the store we saw that the store was undergoing some cosmetic construction and I was not able to snap a picture of the awesome glass box :( but I have got one for you :)
If you haven't been to the it is all underground and you need to either take the elevator or stairs to the store. We all piled into the elevator and went down to the store. As you would expect an Apple Store on fifth avenue in New York City was pretty crowded but not as bad as I imagined. We walked around the store a bit and my daughter played on the MAC's that are set up with games for children.
After the Apple store we went next door to FAO Schwarz.
This was another First, taking my daughter to FAO Schwarz.
The First time I was in FAO Schwarz was when my high school's choir department came to New York City to sing in Carnegie Hall. My daughter, sister and I walked around saw some really cool toys and some really dull ones that were WAY over priced.
Then of course you can't go to FAO Schwarz and not get on the giant piano, so we located it and I let my daughter get on it.
One piece of advice is bring socks for your kid, because the smell of feet was OVERWHELMING and tons of kids play bare foot on it everyday. Gross.
After we left FAO we went to another First, Dylan's Candy Bar.
The store was really cute and had a good assortment of candy and to my surprise it wasn't too over priced. I got my daughter an I a lollipop and checked out the actual candy bar, but didn't get anything because my daughter still hadn't eaten dinner and I was not going to give her a brownie for dinner.
Then after we left Dylan's Candy Bar we went to Verizon for my sister and they told her that she was screwed and needed a new phone lol.
Sorry Bill.

 When I got home I was done for but cooked some really good spaghetti and off to bed we were.
Total First July 5th: 3!

  • Apple store on 5th Avenue 
  • FAO Schwarz with my daughter
  • Dylan's Candy Bar

Thank you for reading!
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Pictures coming i'm on my sisters MAC and can't find my pictures right now lol Sorry

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