Sunday, July 31, 2011

July 21st: Unicycle riding and lots more.

I guess camping in Marquette Michigan Tourist Park should've been included in my last post but... I'll include it here.
After waking up from my first night of camping my sister Isabel and I went for a run. The weather was going to get up to 100 degrees so the sooner we left for our run the better.
One thing about me is that I have an indifferent attitude towards running. My sister on the other hand not so much, thats all she does! So keeping up with her was a bit difficult but I think I did a good job! After our run we jumped, well more like eased ourselves into the freezing cold waters of Lake Superior! 
Yup! This was my First time I was in Lake Superior.
After getting back to the campsite my mother suggested that I try the unicycle that one of her friends had and naturally I did!
I would say that trying the unicycle is A LOT harder then it looks and I did a pretty good job for it being my First time on a unicycle. Another thing that I learned was that the seat on a unicycle is all an ALLUSION, because you are basically standing the whole time and even though I didn't make it very far I think I did a very good job for the First time.
After a long day of SCOURGING 102 degree weather we decided to go to Buffalo Wild Wing Marquette and boy was that an episode an a half! The food was really good but EXTREMELY HOT!!! I was literally crying from the combination of heat and laughter.
OH! I completely forgot I also tried WoodChuck Hard Cider for the First time at Buffalo Wind Wings. It was really good and brings my total to 4!
Once again thank you for reading and photos are coming!

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