Monday, August 1, 2011

July 22nd: Cliff Jumping!

This day was a bit cooler then the previous and I heard a few days before getting to the Upper Peninsula that there was a cliff that we could jump off of and land in Lake Superior, so I was really excited to try.

To get to the cliff we biked to Presque Island from the campsite, which wasn't far at all and had great views of the lakes.  To be honest this trip to Michigan showed me that Michigan is beautiful place. When you think of Michigan you, well I thought, Uh... but now I realize the beauty of the state and all the wonderful scenic views.
Being in Preque Park was the the first First of the day.
Then my next First was CLIFF JUMPING!! I'm not even going to lie, I was all really pumped and ready to go UNTIL I got to the cliff. It literally took me and my sisters like 45 minutes to jump.
After a lot of screaming, people staring at us and just basic fear we, my sister Lilly and I, finally agreed to jump. However, I didn't realize we were counting and just jumped like a crazy person! Lol
I jumped one more time but that time I landed really bad and her everyone on the rock go: OOOOHH!! and feeling the pain shoot through the left side of my body. I literally had pain in my leg for the next day.
I would definitely do it again but I would have love to have WARMER water because the water was COLD!
The moment you've all been waiting for!!! (Not really, but here you go anyway....)

Total First: 2!

  • Preque Island
  • Cliff jumping
Thank you for reading! :)

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