Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Margaritaville SPIKED TEA

Since I am finally crossing things off my "To Do List" like a mad women I decided to reward myself with a little drink...or a few :)
I'm not much of a drinker and the fact that I always miss the liquor store hours maybe helps as well.
However, today I continued on my path of future planning and taking the necessary steps to make sure the plans I set in motion now will become a solid reality one day.
After so child less relaxing and appointment making I bought a six pack of Margaritaville's Spiked Tea to enjoy. At first taste I thought it was gross and then I took another sip and ... its not that bad. :)

Yes, that's my empty bottle.

My next First was trying Melona ice cream! Its a Korean ice cream that is surprisingly milky and fruity at the same time!I got it for free as I was strolling through Central Park and stumbled upon the second annual Korean Festival. Sadly, I got there too late and the food was being packed up :( but I got the ice cream for free and who can frown for long when you have ice cream, especially FREE ice cream? The bar was yummy and only 75 calories!! Yes I'm one of those that counts calories... I'll admit it.

At the end of the it was another fantastic day and I'm really excited at the continuous growth and change of my other blog Teenmomnyc.blogspot.com!!

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