Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July 23rd: Holiday Inn Marquette

** If you go back to my Cliff Jumping post you can click the link to my video on YouTube, which also has videos of PAST FIRST**

Not really a big first but on this day we stayed at the Days Inn Marquette. Our mother put us in a room because the Festival and the park have two very different sets of rules and there wasn't going to be any where for all of us to sleep AND my other sister was flying in so there would definitely be absolutely no room. Unfortunately for my sister her American Airlines flight was a flight from a bad vacation movie. Complete with mice, delays, cancellations, late shuttles, horrible customer service and a dying phone all the while having a rambunctious 4 year old boy in tow!
 Anyhow on top of trying to figure out what was going on with my sister, I shopped! My daughter needed a different pair of shoes for the woods because her Nikes were getting TORN UP and because her feet grow like weeds so the pair she had where barely fitting, we found the Marquette "mall" and went to Payless. Now usually I can't stand Payless because they are so over priced for cheaply made shoes however I didn't need any thing fancy for her and although this is another "weak" First I shopped at the Marquette Payless and got 8 pairs of shoes for $13.75!! Amazing right!?
They were having some crazy amazing sale that took fifteen dollars off of a twenty dollar purchase so I got my daughter a few pairs of shoes and got myself 2 pair of flip flops.
Total First: 2!

  • Days Inn Marquette
  • Payless Marquette
I know theses two are weak but I've seemed to have misplaced my notebook that I wrote all my First in and could only remember these two First :)
Thank you for reading and remember sharing is caring! 

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