Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 22nd: Circle Line Cruise, Guggenheim and a BEER!

So on this day I met up with my family once again and we all went to the Guggenheim Museum. Now this wants the First time I had been to the Guggenheim however, it was the First time taking my daughter and the First time seeing the work of Lee Ufan.
The First time I went to the Guggenheim was on a field trip in grade school and I can STILL remember seeing Picasso in person, breath taking for sure!
Upon arrival in true NYC fashion there was a man with a wonderful voice signing outside the museum for money.

When we got inside we used our City Passes which by the way are a BREEZE, if you are in the city they are definitely at least worth taking a look at.
The Guggenheim actually has FREE audio tour which is AWESOME because most museums charge a separate fee for them, I picked one up and realize this was my First time using an audio tour! I know I seem to live under a rock sometimes. The museum had work by Lee Ufan a Japanese artist that uses a lot of juxtaposition in his art. Personally I have a very hard time getting into the art at art museums with my daughter present. I'm more worried about her knocking something over, her telling me she wants to leave or look at something else or whatever itch she maybe having at the moment. From what I could gather from both my observations and the audio tour Mr. Ufan art is centered around the themes of nature versus modern industries, time and the use and lack of the use of space. I'm not going to lie or try to sound like a curator or anything, some of his art I understood and could relate to but some of it I just really... um... yeah...
Along with Mr. Ufan's pieces the museum had pieces by Picasso, Monet and van Gogh. I personally once again really enjoyed Picasso's art, Woman Ironing spoke volumes to me. His work also, to me, is very diverse which I appreciate because often times it seems that artist only go in one direction, which is fine but I like to see the diversity as well. I also enjoyed van Gogh's piece which the title slips my mind at the moment but it was a blue landscape and the pattern, direction and precision was very well executed.
Of course there are no photos to share because no photography is allowed in the Guggenheim.
After enjoying the art and the architecture so were off to the Circle Line Cruise!
This was my First time being on the Circle Line Cruise and it was fun and informational. My daughter thoroughly enjoyed it as did I and we got some great views of the lower Manhattan, Brooklyn, Jersey and Ellis Island just to name a few. The cruise lasted two hours and they honestly flew by, I will be taking the cruise again at a later time for sure.

Lady Liberty

Chrysler Building from the cruise

After the cruise we hopped on the cross town bus and on the way there was a crazy lady that literally stood in front of the bus and wouldn't move until the driver let her on. Mind you she was not at a bus stop and made us miss three green lights. The nearest police officer just laughed at her and finally an officer on a horse came and moved her out of the way. It was very comical to say the least I mean who does that? *laughing*

The lady who can not be moved lol

After getting nesscary ingredients for dinner I had some Hoegaarden beer for the First time. The beer is imported from Belgium... good ole Belgium and it is really good. It has a taste to it that reminded me of a beer from Spain but I'm not quite sure which one because I had quite a few beers in Spain

First for the day:
  • Guggenheim with my daughter
  • Lee Ufan's art work and Audio tour
  • Circle Line Cruise
  • Hoegaarden Beer

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