Saturday, August 6, 2011

the First keep coming!

So I had to split up my posting because I didn't want you guys to fall asleep on me !
The list of FIRST continues!

One thing about my sisters and I is that we are very active. We like exercise, sports and things like that so of course when we get together we're kind of like guys, we show each other workout moves and videos and talk about how "cut" we're getting lol.

Jillian Michaels!!!
I don't really like work out videos but as you may have noticed from my blog i'll try anything!
My sisters having been doing Jillian's DVD's for a while so I wanted to give it a try too. I'm not going to lie the first round I was left not very convinced but the next round I was convinced! I was sweating ! Like horribly and whining and groaning but I stuck with it.
The one thing about her videos is that they are 20 minute workouts and while they are good they leave me feeling like I want to do a bit more once a finally catch my breath (she doesn't allow resting).
If you are into workout DVD's try hers they are good and get results.

Oh I also noticed I'm a bit more diesel then I thought. I was lifting 8 pound weighs for most of the workout!

Like I said above her DVD left me wanting a bit more so I looked through Netflix and found The Sistuation's Workout. It was hilarious! I mean the guy is a total TOOL and can't form sentences too well lol. Although he is a tool his video did teach me a few new moves that I will incorporate in my work out.
I got myself into a SITUATION Y'ALL!!

Salmon Burgers and Mint Syrup.
I get sudden burst of culinary inspiration and I had one while on my Michigan vacation. Although my sister's weren't too much help when it came to making a menu Leysis and I went to D&W to get our ingredient.
We switched the menu several times and finally agreed on Salmon burgers and they were delicious Leysis and I are pretty kick ass in the kitchen! This was my First time making and eating Salmon Burgers and I was surprised at how easy it is!
You bake the Salmon, break up the meat, add bread crumbs seasoning and anything else you want, make them into patties and flip them around in a skillet for a while. That easy and SOOO good.
Since I wanted a "fancy" dinner I had to make a cocktail and we were going to make Bellinis but when we looked up a recipe it called for 2 cups of sugar and we agreed on HELL NO!
Instead we made a Guava, Ginger Ale and Mint syrup cocktail. It was REALLY good and complimented the burgers very well. I would however try to lessen the sweetness of the cocktail next time because it was a bit too sweet for my liking.

I love kid movies! I enjoy taking my daughter and nephew but I refuse to pay for a full priced ticket so we went to Woodlawn Mall and went to the theatre that charges $4!!!!
We watched Kung Fu Panda and I really enjoyed!!! The movies are so cute and Po was kicking some ASS! I'm pretty sure there is going to be a Kung Fu Panda 3 by the looks of the ending of the movie.

Harry Potter 7 part 2!!!!
Yes I am a member of the Potter Clan! I was actually lucky enough to attend a lecture he was at!!! My Post about Daniel Radcliffe (The boy who lived)
I don't want to ruin the movie for anyone but I will say I got pretty emotional. lol
I had tons of fun before even seeing the movie with my sisters! Lo minee COOkee! (insider)

Wow I think that covers all my FIRST for my Michigan Vacation!!
Thank you for reading and putting up with me! :)

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