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Back to bulk. Hiawatha

My dates are getting all MESSED UP!
So back to sorta bulk blogging! I have so many First its hard to keep them all in line with the date.

July 22nd - July 25th

July 22nd- 3!

This was the First day of Hiawatha and my First time being at Hiawatha.
Hiawatha is a Tradition Music Festival or what some would call a Hippie Fest. Lovers of Traditional music and good times camp out and enjoy the whole experience and event. Upon arrival the park looked soo different from the park that we first arrived to, there were tents everywhere, food vendors and performers all over the place!

After my sister Raven's flight from hell! It was time to pick her up at the Marquette, Michigan airport. This was the second First of the day and boy was it a journey. Leysis and I went to pick her up from the airport and got lost in this small neighborhood that was made up of circles and the GPS was absolutely no help we finally got on track to the airport and saw the ski slops which looked very different with no snow on them. The airport is on an Air Force base but it looked like it was in the middle of Jurassic Park! From the road it was 2 miles before we got to the airport! 
When we arrived to the campsite there were plenty of friends new and old and many more on the way! Instruments were being unpacked and memories and life milestones were going to be made but I had no idea yet.
The First day of Hiawatha, all of the sisters were all together finally and the good times began!!
That night the festival had a welcome/ get acquainted dance and the music was all traditional. I had so much fun! I didn't know how fun it would be to dance to folk music but we were all on the dance floor having a blast, all my sisters and even the kids!
This was the segway to my second First of the day listening to Harmonious Wail and they were great dancing music. If you hear their music you have to be a statue if you are not dancing.The dance made me feel like I was at the Weasley wedding... lol a Harry Potter reference The dance area was under a tent with a wooden dance floor in the middle of the field dancing under the stars and with great voices and instruments and people were playing to play not for money or record labels but for themselves and the crowd that was enjoying them.

July 23rd- Total 3!
This was the second day of Hiawatha and my daughter's First time riding a bike with NO TRAINING WHEELS!! I was so proud of her and like usual when it comes to her I got all emotional but I didn't cry. She did a great job and would stop by crashing into things lol.\

Like I stated above the festival had tons of food vendors. While I was really hungry one day Leysis and I slipped away and I bought some Crawfish Ettouffee which was delicious and my First time having Ettouffee. One food vendor even had Basil Lemonade which was really good and something I will be making in my own kitchen, of course that was my First time trying it.
Later on at night my sister Isabel, a friend Steven and I went to the main stage to hear Le Vent de Nord a   French Canadian traditional band that rocked the stage and had my jumping and enjoying it all night long. The band was great and had wonderful energy and every member was playing an instrument at all times. All of the music was in French but I enjoyed it non the less!
This was my First time hearing the band but certainly will not be the last! After the concert we went back to the campsite for more fun and listening and making our own music!
Their website Le Vent de Nord
Sorry It was taken on my iPhone in the middle of the crowd but you can still hear them:)

July 24th- 1!
My First and only First for this day was watching the Ebony Hillbillies perform!
I missed their first performance because I slept through it but I was determined to make the second one. The Ebony Hillbillies are a New York City based band that play traditional Folk music. Their energy and artistic ability was wonderful and a joy to watch and tap my toes too.

July 25th- 2!
This was the last day of festival and the First time I took a tent Needless to say I'm not going to include this as a First because Isabel did most of the work :)
We began our drive back to the lower peninsula and stopped at Shell City but it was closed:(
my First First of the day was eating at Culver's a burger joint thhat is a chain in the Mid West. Both the food and custard was really good! I enjoyed my burger and they had a great raspberry vinaigrette dressing for my salad!
My second First for this day was eating at Ponderosa in a new city... sorry I know its weak. But its all I got lol.

Being at Hiawatha was such a wonderful experience! I learned that I love the fiddle and banjo more then I could ever imagine! It opened my eyes to new music and not being so judgmental of other's at first appearance. You often times see people and judge them because of how they look and would never imagine that they are kick ass traditional music instrument players or great dancers! I also learned that Michigan is BEAUTIFUL! Like most of the country I saw Michigan as a dying state, but its not is so beautiful and inexpensive a great place for a family vacation.
Thank you for reading!

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