Saturday, August 27, 2011

August 25th: Chase App

This was another one of my "I was feel like staying inside all day" type of days but I had to go the bank and deposit a check I got. Now the bank isn't far, at all, but when you are tired from running around the city all WEEK/MONTH little things just seem like a DRAG. So instead I used modern technology and deposited my check via my bank app!
It was very easy you just fill in what account you want it in, sign, take a picture and that's IT!!
When you use the app be sure to be in a well lit room.
The whole process took less time then s teller doing it and the funds were available the very next day.
Another thing is DO NOT destroy the check UNTIL the funds are IN your account, not pending.

Total First: 1!
  • Depositing a check via banking app!

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