Monday, August 15, 2011

11 Days! Part 2!

  • Going to the Brain exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History
    • Which reminded me of another First I forgot to blog about, going to see Bodies while in Michigan
    • The American Museum of Natural History had an interactive hands on exhibit solely about the brain!! Since we are members we got in for free! I tried going before but it had recently opened and was PACKED full of people so I turned around and just left. Then the other day while on Twitter the museum tweeted that the exhibit was going to close that Sunday. I arrived at the museum as to beat the crowd and we got in to the exhibit instantly! The exhibit was very nice, informative and cool. They showed you how the brain functions how it is such a small organ but one of the most advanced on complex on the planet. The exhibit also had hands on displays and things for children as well. When you first walk in there are all this long fiberoctive like wire that have light running back and forth throughout them to display how the brain sends and receives messages while taking in messages and interrupting them at the same time. Both the Brain exhibit and the Bodies exhibit in Grand Rapids, Michigan really put into perspective how complex and advanced the human body is. It also reinforced the "what you put in is what you get out" saying.
A sculpture inside the exhibit that shows the senses.

Leilani and the BRAIN!!!

    • Buying a domain name
      • I have big plans for my teen mom blog! I'm actually very excited and optimistic! I knew the first step of maturing my blog into what I want it to be was by making it into a website and buying the domain name was the FIRST STEP!! Currently you can check it out at:  but it is still in the transitional stage.If you have any suggestions or feedback let me know!:)
    • Ordering business cards
      • The next step in developing my dream is BUSINESS CARDS!! so I ordered some and they are super cute and will definitely upload a picture once the come in!
    • Shopping at Cookies for Leilani's back to school clothing
      • I have been a MESS with all the stress, that is now THANKFULLY reduced, and with the emotional  toll of knowing my daughter is off to kindergarten this year! So after getting a REALLY good deal  at The Children's Place, 4 jeans, four shirts and two shirts for $60! We went over the check out Cookies, a department store for kids. Needless to say not much there. I did get her a few things but I don't think I will be going back regularly. However, I did get her her very FIRST OFFICIAL school book bag!! And naturally I cried...
    • Drinking Love Potion a delicious and alluring drink.
      • I tried Love Potion for the very First time and now that I'm writing about it I'm actually craving it, that's how good it is. The taste is very original its a milk based drink that can be enjoyed with or with out liquor and something I will definitely be drinking more of. The drinking has its own Twitter page and you can check it out at @lovepotion214. Believe me you will want to be the one in your circle of friends that knows about this first. Because it will make you cooler of COURSE!
    • Drinking Qream which is a good mixer for Love Potion
      • Qream is also a milk based drink however it does have liquor in it and I didn't find it as appealing on its own. The drink is from producer Pharrell and he has designed it for the ladies.
    • Uploading a piece to Travel Dudes
      • A great travelers website, definitely worth checking out! I posted my first piece on here and while I will admit it isn't that good I was and still am very excited that I did it because now the following post will only get better and easier to write!
    And that concludes my 11days!
    Thank you for reading and don't forget to suggest suggest suggest!

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