Thursday, August 18, 2011


Empire State building at 9:30am, Metropolitan Museum of art till 3pm, Dylan's Candy Bar, then FAO Schwartz and finished the day in Central Park.
That was my day today!
My First for today were taking my daughter to the Empire State Building, going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and using a New York City Pass.
I am EXHAUSTED! To say the least.
I have some family in town and it is my younger cousin's first time in New York City and of course I want to show them around! Her and her father were nice enough to buy me a City Pass to enjoy the sights with them!
My daughter has seen the movie James and the Giant Peach before and she was especially thrilled to be on the top of the Empire state building where James landed. When I picked her up and showed her the view she smiled so hard I thought her cheeks were going to break! "Wow! Mommy look beautiful New York City!!"
It was really nice to be able to take her and I even learned that shes FREE! So we can go back anytime, until she turns six, and I only have to pay for myself.
After the Empire State Building we were off to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I was pretty excited and walking through there and seeing all the beautiful art was amazing and very nice. The museum is HUGE!! and can be overwhelming so if you go either go and just walk and let the museum guide you or your head is liable to literally SPIN. Unlike the museums in Madrid you can take pictures of the art in the MET, however there are a few limited areas where you are not able to. Another thing I did for the First time today was go on the Garden Roof of the museum and that provided some wonderful sights of the city as well.
After that we jumped on the 1 bus, also a First, and eventually walked over to a burger joint right around Hunter College campus. (I'll get the name and post it a bit later)
Leilani looking over the city on top of the Empire State Building

The Metropolitan Museum of Art's roof top garden.

Simply GORGEOUS! My favorite piece of art and then first time seeing anything like it, in terms of classical art not modern.

The day was wonderful and I am glad that I'm getting to know my cousins better!

Total First for today: 5!
  • Empire State Building with my daughter
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
    • MET roof top garden
  • Bus 1
  • and the burger joint
Thank you for reading and I will upload some more pictures tomorrow!


  1. Hello!!!

    I am reading your blog and it's very fresh and interesting about your experiences in NYC!
    I'll be in NYC next month for 9 days and your nice blog make me feel even more impatient! ;)

    Keep going! ^^

  2. aww!! Thank you means appreciate it! Enjoy your stay and let me know if I can help in anyway :)