Sunday, August 14, 2011

11 days! Part One

Wow I have 11 days that I need to back track and blog about.
First off I would like to apologize for the delay I have had A LOT going on in my personal life lately and lots of stress. If you care to read about it you can head over to Teen Mom NYC .

As far as my eleven new first here they go.
  • Trying barbacoa from a Mexican Establishment
    • There is a taco shop at down the block from where I live and they make authentic Mexican tacos all the time. I tried a bit of barbacoa at Chipotle for the first time and fell in love and figured that it would taste better from an authentic Mexican establishment. For those of you whom do not know what barbacoa is, a way to prepare a shredded beef that is usually spicy. The process of cooking is long and a lot of slow cooking, smoking and humidity however the end result, from Chipotle at least it delicious! Well back to my Mexican taco store... I ordered the barbacoa and I'm sad to say I was not impressed in the slightest. I'm still on the quest for delicious authentic barbacoa but will settle for Chipotle for now.
  • Using a Flip camera for the first time
    • My younger sister, Lillie, has a Flip camera and when she was having her Quincenera, Hispanic sweet 15, I was supposed to record the action but never did. Sorry Billy but some of the best memories are off camera When I got back from my vacation my father showed me that he had a new Flip camera and since I had nothing better to do I took it with me to the park to video record Leilani playing. After using the Flip I want on now! It so convenient, little and has a surprisingly great picture! Plus I want some type of video recorder besides my phone so I can tape her growing up and we ca have corny family video night when she gets older and possibly wants nothing to do with me (teenage years). Lol I'm a mess.
  • Unintentionally going to a Whole Foods Wine tasting
    • It was the last day of one of my best friends being in the city and after dropping Leilani off with the sitter it was time for some mommy time! After urging her to pack her bag since she was taking off in a matter of hours we went out to eat with mutual friends and stopped at Whole Foods for some wine! I read the sign outside that said that they were having a wine tasting and it was delicious! All the wine was organic, sulfite free and from local wineries!  
      • This was also the First time I tried organic sulfite free wines and I'm not really planning on going back. lol Yes its that good!

Some of the wines

  • Going to the Baruch on site child care facility
    • Being that my school starts before Leilani's I had to find a place to put her for the few days that are in between my school start date and her school start date. The first place I called wad the on site campus child care that Baruch offers and was delighted that they would do it! I had to go down to the location and fill out and pick up paper work. The location is very nice! It open, airy and they even have pets! But contained of course! My daughter liked the location which made me feel a lot better. The one stipulation is a physical form and since we have no insurance or family doctor the search for a cheap CLEAN clinic began.
  • Going to the Ryan Nena center in the East Village and riding the 23 and 09 bus
    • After literally calling 20 clinics!I found one in the East Village that offers physicals for $35!!! But I had to go register my daughter and in order to do this I had to ride the 23 and 09 bus. I registered my daughter and myself for their services and we will be back BRIGHT and EARLY on physical day! The staff at the clinic was very nice, fast and informative. Plus the clinic was CLEAN!
  • Taking my daughter to Coney Island and Friday Night fireworks
    • After a VERY stressful and reflective week I took my daughter to Coney Island to finally enjoy the rides! She has been asking to go to the rides for months now and with a very fixed and inconsistent income it been dam near impossible to take her. So when I finally had money, that I will admit wasn't much and shouldn't have been spend on Coney Island, I took her!She had a BLAST she got on her very first carnival rides and got on her very first roller coaster all by HERSELF!!! yeah my kid is bad A like that! :) After the rides and some food we settled in the sand to watch the fireworks display. One thing about me is that I LOVE fireworks so I was just like a child watching the display and clapping like a crazy person! The display last about a half hour and the full moon made it extra AWESOME!
Coney Island at night

Perfect shot!

The beautiful moon

Leilani and I one a pretty intense kiddie ride

    Thank you for reading and don't forget to check out part 2!!
      Once again thank you for reading and dealing with my sluggish post.

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