Saturday, August 6, 2011

July 27th- July 29th

Okay back to the bulk blogging! I really should have been blogging on my vacation but I was having too much fun doing nothing and everything at the same time. Its not often that ALL of my sister's and I are together! With our mom and kids!
Okay I'm just going to start listing my First.

Prickly Pear!
One night my Lillie, Isabel and myself decided to go to Meijer for an Oreo run and breakfast foods... what else would we go for? We looked crazy! My hair was EXTRA BIG! Isabel looked like a beat up cast member on Little house on the Prairie and Lillie looked like she jumped in a pile of laundry and emerged with whatever she had on. That's how we roll though lol
After walking around in circles, talking Lillie into putting back at least one of her 5 packets of cookies and asking everyone available if they had Canadian Bacon I saw Prickly Pears! They were two for a dollar and Baloo (The Bear) taught Mowgli how to eat them and he never led him stray so I had to get some! I love the Jungle Book :)

I also got Yellow Watermelon but never ate it :"( .
I ate my Prickly Pear the wrong way, yes I said the wrong way, and I had to Google how to eat it! I know pathetic but peeling the Pear, cutting it down the middle and biting into it is WRONG! Lol don't do it. Once I spit out all of the seeds and ate the "meat" of the Pear it was good. I would like to eat one from the Cactus because the one on the video was straight from the Cactus and looked extra big and juicy.

The Prickly Pear. Whole.

The WRONG way... oops

Acai Berry.
I know this was a huge trend a few years/ months ago but I never had it until now. I'm late I know lol I still don't know how to pronounce the name of the fruit. Anyhow I tried Acai Berry juice for the First time. To me it didn't taste like much... but the one I had was pretty cheap so maybe if I try a more expensive juice it might taste like something. Personally not sure what the hype is all about...? It was good though...

Meijer Lake Park
My daughter is THANKFULLY getting over her fear of water!! WHOOOO HOOO you have no idea how wonderful that is considering I love the ocean <3
Well it was really hot one day and my mother told me that Meijer's Lake was right down the street from the house so Isabel, Leilani (my daughter), Damien and I went to check it out. The park was nice and full of people enjoying the weather, water and one an other. It was a drastic change in water temperature from Lake Superior to Meijer's Lake, the water was perfect for the kids but a bit too warm for my liking. However, having the lake so close was a huge convenience!
Meijer's Lake

The water and my daughter and nephew in the foreground

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