Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 21: Wall Street!

So for those that don't know me very well I am very into learning and one day FINALLY joining the wonderful, scary and unpredictable world of investing!
My cousin invited me to come down to Wall street with him and check it out so of course I went!
This was the First time that I ever went down to Wall street and being that it was a gloomy day probably really cut down on the crowd. I say the bull but didn't get a picture because it was still too crowded, I saw the "Wall street church", New York Stock Exchange and the Smithsonian Museum of Native American History. The placement of the museum is very um... how should I say... very metaphoric or ironic that its right next to the New York City bankruptcy court... I'm just saying.
Another thing to see on Wall street is the location that George Washington got sworn into office.
One day I want to go down to Wall Street on an early Monday morning and just people watch and eventually I want to get out onto a trading floor that's not 100% electronic so if any of you want to help me make that a FIRST!!!!! I would definitely love it! Just throwing it out there :)

Another thing that being on Wall street reaffirmed for me was the love I have for this wonderful, "scary" and unpredictable city. The architectural diversity is amazing. It's unbelievable that these buildings built CENTURIES ago are still standing and so beautiful. Like I said before the people that built these massive buildings didn't have the advanced technology we had today and they still managed to create beautiful pieces of art that still stand today.


"Wall Street Church"

Smithsonian. By the way I had NO IDEA this was down there. lol I smell another FIRST!:)

Well it is getting very late and I still have TONS of running around to do tomorrow so I am off to bed! Thank you for reading!  And ALi thanks for the previous comment! :)

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