Saturday, August 6, 2011

July 30th- August 2nd

The list of First continues :)

San Chez
On of Isabel's (my sister) good friends was getting married and the bachelorette dinner was at San Chez in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I wasn't really hungry but I still ordered some very over priced appetizers and had some of their sangria. It was nice to see her friend again and she looks HOT after having her baby and very happy!
I don't really having anything good to say about San Chez so I'll just say that I wouldn't go again.

Bachelorette Party!!
I wanted to have a themed party so I staged a fake bachelorette party and who would be the bachelorette other than, ME!?
Yes I had a fake bachelorette party :)
It was fun and I did feel a bit bad for "lying" to all of the people that congratulated me on my up coming but it was fun and kept creepy guys away but also kept the hot ones away :( lol 

McFaddens- Grand Rapids
The music was...
The drinks were...
The crowd ... gave off the vibe of a bunch of teenagers that into a club for the first time of their lives or a young frat party. There was this really fun group of guys that just didn't give a ___ at who was watching or not and did whatever their feet desired. If I didn't have heels and my bachelorette get up I would have definitely been jumping around with them!

Red Headed Slut
The shot was good but taste a whole hell of a lot like juice... lol

Taco Boy 
Two of my sisters, daughter, nephew and myself planned on going to the Grand Rapids Public Museum but when we got there the line was way to long, only had one person at the front desk whom worked very at her own pace and if we stayed in the line we wouldn't have made the planetarium show:( so we left and promised to come back another day.
We were all kinda hungry so we walked into downtown Grand Rapids for some food and we went to Taco Boy The service was quick, the food was good, the restaurant was clean and the prices were very reasonable. I had a burrito with refried beans and it was yummy!

Ming Ten
My mom and step father took us to Ming Ten a chinese buffet to meet his extended family and to eat!
The food was SOOO good they even had sushi that didn't look scary to eat. Their Miso Soup was also delicious! I would have took the seaweed home with me in my purse if I could. I tried Korean Mussels and seaweed salad for the First time and they were both very good. I will definitely go back to Ming Ten when I'm in Grand Rapids again the food was sooo good. I ate so much that I was probably full for the next eight hours!
I also enjoyed meeting my step father's family! His family is so sweet I see where he gets it from now!

Thank you for reading.. the First keep coming! 

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