Friday, August 5, 2011

July 26th: Monte's

After sleeping on a BED for a change that night my sister's Leysis, Isabel and I went out for some fun and dancing!

This was the First time I went out with Leysis and Isabel and I was very excited!!
We got ready which took longer then girls always think it will take and then we were off to Monte's for $2 you call its, being the economically savvy girls that we are!
Going out to Monte's was my First of the day!
Upon arrival the line was LONG too long  but we finally got in and made our way straight over to the bar for our $2 drinks :) One thing I noticed while in line and while inside Monte's was that girls in Grand Rapids have/like horrible unkempt Jersey/ Dallas big hair. I mean I can appreciate big hair in fact I LOVE it but what some of these girls had going on was treacherous to look at! Their hair looked like it weighed more then them!
Anyways back to Monte's I will say that the bar was fast, the crowd was nice and the music was lots of fun!
Now I'm the type of person that when I go out I don't take myself too serious. Why go out if you are just going to be so uptight and serious? I was jumping out on the dance floor and just having fun I even danced with a guy who looked really sad just for the hell of it!

It was nice to go out and not have men trying to hump you. FYI guys humping is not a dance it is a form of harassment so if you ever see me out please don't come "dance" with me if you "dance" this way. Although this one guy did get a bit fresh and he got elbowed and talked to like a puppy that just peed on the carpet. I gave him a stern NO!
Overall going out to Monte's with Leysis and Isabel was a success!
Total First 1!
Me, Leysis and Isabel

Homeboy having a BLAST

Us again.

Thank you for reading! :)

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