Friday, August 26, 2011

Tuesday 23rd: Tangled

Even though I personally do not like Disney that much, I did promise my daughter a movie night so when she saw Tangled was available on Netflix she decided that was the movie she wanted to see. I like the movie but not really. I think it was to heavy for children, there were certain remarks I could have definitely done with out and them showing the "mom/witch/antagonist" fall out of the tower and THUMP on the ground was too much!
My first pick at the movie was the Stockholm Syndrome! I don't know why but Disney LOVES using Stockholm Syndrome and then the fact that a "MAN" always saves the girl is so UNREALISTIC and just difficult for me to enjoy or even want my daughter to see.
The fact that the beautiful princess has LONG BLOND STRAIGHT hair and the CRAZY wicked "mom/witch/abuser/antagonist" had dark curly hair is also very UPSETTING! Then **spoiler alert** if they girls hair is cut it turns brown and is dead and ugly. UM excuse me my daughter and I and all of my family have DARK CURLY HAIR.
Hey, DISNEY I have an idea, it might be a bit too crazy for you though. How about making a movie about a beautiful girl of colour who has the type of hair that a girl of colour has, you know possibly brown or even BLACK and have a little texture to it. Just an idea.
The things I liked about the movie... it was cute for face value but I don't think I will let my daughter watch it again. We will be sticking to my personal Disney favorites, good Ole Lion King, Bugs Life, Jungle Book, Mulan, movies like that.
Total First: 1! Disney's Tangled

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