Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Auguest 27th: Boca Meatless Nuggets

I'm BACK!!
Wow that just reminded me of Poltergeist, now I want to watch that movie.
Any who I am be very glad to say that my family and I survived hurricane Irene with no injury to property or body and NO power outages. Good right!
Many things have changed since my last post. I am now officially a New York City college student at Baruch, a mother of a child enrolled for kindergarten and a VEGETARIAN!!
That's right I am going veggie!!I'm very excited!
After some very obvious and much needed life wake up calls I had to!
I care too much for animal to eat them. I know a lot of you maybe rolling your eyes but after getting emotional to Happy Feet in 4D I knew something was up and ever since then I have been thinking about making the change.
So far I am glad to say that I have only slipped up once! And the night I slipped I had a dream that people were eating bears, snow leopards and tigers raw! It was horrifying!
To help keep kick off my/our vegetarian life I went down to the grocery store, where people were going RABID buying massive amounts for the impending arrival of hurricane Irene, and bought some Boca Meatless Nuggets.
I cooked the nuggets and I can honestly say as a meat eater my entire life they are delicious, you can barely tell the difference! During all the times I've been thinking about going vegetarian I completely forgot about the variety of meatless products available so I was very happy when I found them.

Me and my Boca nuggets
Total First: 1!

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