Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 20th: Park Slope

On this day I continued on my doing something for the First time everyday and went and did something I honestly should have done a long time ago and that was apply for insurance for my daughter and myself.
This was my First time apply for insurance in NYC and even though I didn't have all the necessary paper work the woman was very nice and still helped us out a great deal. After applying for insurance and eating lunch my daughter and I went down to Park Slope in Brooklyn to meet our family that was in town and take them over to one of my favorite places in NYC Coney Island. This was the First time I had ever rode the R and N train and gotten off at the Union station. The neighborhood at first glance was very nice and cute. After showing them Coney Island they invited us out for pizza and did we ever get pizza lol.

We asked a guy on the street where there was good pizza and after a few suggestions his father and him highly recommend Fornino Pizza which is located right in Park Slope.
When we got to the restaurant my initial reaction was to leave because it look REALLY expensive but we stayed and even though I didn't know what half the ingredients were I ordered a pizza and it was DELICIOUS. You can taste the fresh ingredients in the pizza and the plus side was that it was big enough to feed two. The restaurant's decor and general feel was also very nice and matched the delectable food and drinks. My cousin ordered two drinks and had no idea what they were and I enjoyed one that tasted like it had grapefruit and cinnamon in it.

Chicken Sausage pizza **YUMMY**

Total First:
  1. Applying for insurance in NYC
  2. Riding the R and N trains
  3. Being in Park Slope, Brooklyn
  4. Fornino Pizza and the mysterious delicious drink

Thank you reading and even more thank you to those that leave comments. I love comments ! :)

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