Wednesday, July 27, 2011

July 14th: SHANIKA'S 21st BIRTHDAY

On July 14th one of my best friends, Shanika FINALLY turned 21!
So of course we hit the town.
My First First for the day was going to the Red Rooster in Harlem and watching a performance by one of Shanika's friends.
The Red Rooster is a very nice restaurant in Harlem right off of the 125th street subway station. I must say that the restaurant was full of beautiful people and beautiful decor.
After that the group of us headed over to Lea. A very nice French cafe that had crepes, panini and HOOKAH!!! Lea also had a really cute atmosphere it felt like we were sitting in someone's very inviting and nicely decorated living room. We got two hookahs both were great and very clean but I preferred the mint one to the peach blend. 
These were my second and third First of the day, going to Lea and enjoying hookah.
After we were done at Lea we went next door to the Thompson, which also happened to be a ROOF TOP BAR!!! Which is just what the birthday girl wanted for her 21st!
Once upstairs we enjoyed a birthday shot and the wonderful skyline on both sides. The music was WONDERFUL and the DJ was great, they played a good blend of everything. This was my Fourth First of the day.
After all the dancing we were on our way home and while we were in the subway station this girl was trying to save a huge wounded subway RAT. In short it was quite the episode and only something you can see in NYC.
Total First of the day:4!
Thank you for reading!
Pictures will come later I'm trying to blog it all down and then come back and upload all the pictures.

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