Saturday, July 9, 2011

7!!! First today. Gosh I'm tired !

Today isn't even over and I had SEVERAL First.
Today Shanika and I had a picnic on the Great Lawn in Central Park. This was the First time I had a picnic on the Great Lawn in Central Park and it was great. The weather was great, scenery was great, food and most of all the company!
After we had our picnic and catching up with one another we were off to a restaurant for Indian food. Yes we were still hungry after our picnic, we love to eat :)
Unfortunately I can't remember the name of the Thai restaurant we went to. However, it was on the Upper East Side on 2nd ave between 87 and 88. The ambiance and decor was nice and the food matched.
This was the my second First of the day: going to this restaurant. While at the restaurant I had Thai sweet tea for the First time as well. 
A third First: Thai sweet tea. It was really good I could taste the brewed tea and milk mixture complemented it greatly. I ordered something new for the First time as well Masaman instead of my usual red curry. The masaman bought my total First to four.
After the restaurant we were off to Brooklyn Bridge. This was the first time that Shanika had been to the Brooklyn Bridge and the First time I walked all the way across. The First time I went to the bridge was with my daughter and nephew Damien and you can read about it in my other post : 
Walking all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge brings my growing total to five!
After we walked across the bridge we went into a book store and it was my first time there too. Then we went to a grocery store to get some Brooklyn Summer Ale. Shanika had it before and told me I had to try it. 
We walked over to Brooklyn Bridge Park and D.U.M.B.O, which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. As you may have guessed another First but i'll count this as one because they are basically one in the same. Running total of First to 6 (not counting the book store or grocery store). After waking around the park taking copious amounts of photos we sat on the rocks to enjoy out Brooklyn Summer Ale. However, the caps either weren't twist off or we are both really weak so we did the only thing left to do, open it on a rock :) Lol. I know I know but I wanted to try it. The beer was really good :) I liked the taste and it wasn't too heavy or watery but just right. 
Trying Brooklyn Summer Ale brings my total to 7 and getting on the four train at the Borough Hall statin brings it 8.
Total First for today: 8!
  1. Great Lawn picnic in Central Park
  2. Thai Sweet tea
  3. Masaman
  4. the restaurant which the name escapes my mind ...sorry
  5. Walking all the way across the Brooklyn Bridge 
  6. Going to Brooklyn Bridge Park and DUMBO
  7. Brooklyn Summer Ale
  8. and Borough Hall

Yummy Thai sweet tea

Manhattan skyline from the Brooklyn Bridge 

Different view of the Brooklyn Bridge , from Brooklyn

DUMBO from a distance

Brooklyn Bridge Park/ DUMBO
Gorgeous right?!

Brooklyn Bridge in the background. The wall of people at the lower right hand corner are people at a wedding :)

I know I look tired with my Brooklyn Summer Ale but I was! I walked a lot today 
Just because I wanted to:)
Thank you so much for reading!

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