Friday, May 13, 2011

Yesterdays first: Brooklyn Bridge and Pier 17

Sorry about missing yesterday's post but blogger was down an I was unable to post.
Yesterday was very exciting! I was at a lost for what to do yesterday an as I was surfing through the web I came to the conclusion to go to the Brooklyn Bridge! I intially wanted to go to Brooklyn Bridge Park (Pier 6) but I messed up and got off the subway a few stops to early but was right by the Brooklyn Bridge. I was LOST looking for Pier 6, which is in Brooklyn not Manhattan by the way lol, so I was unable to find it but I did find Pier 17 and the "mall" that they have there it was really nice!! We saw boats on the dock and the "neighborhood" was really nice. We then walked around a bit more and went to have lunch inside the mall which had a nice view of the Brooklyn Bridge. I was still at this time trying to look for Pier 6, not knowing I was in the wrong borough, and finally gave up and decided that I was going to walk across the bridge just to do it... but I was having a hard time finding how to get on the bridge. After letting the kids play in a park while I wrote a little I finally found how to get on the bridge!
So off we went to get on the bridge!
We only got half way across the bridge because the kids were getting tired and restless. It was really nice to be on the bridge though. This was my first time ever being this close to the Brooklyn Bridge as well as walking on it. From the bridge I got a view of Manhattan, the Manhattan Bridge and another bridge that i'm not sure what it's called.
Few fun facts:
  • The bridge was erected in 1875
  • Its one of the oldest suspenion bridge in the USA
After we got off the bridge I got the kids some ice cream and went over to City Hall which had protest going on. It was people protesting Mayor Bloomberg wanting to cut funds or reduce funds that go towards education. If you read my last post you know how I feel about these type of cuts.
After a long day of walking and being lost lol We got on the subway and went home :)
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Including pictures from this First:

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