Thursday, May 12, 2011

92nd St Y classes 5-11-11

In addition to yestday's First...
Although I have been to the 92nd Street Y for several things last night was the first time that I took a class for myself there. The center was holding a Free Fitness Fair which I signed up for and was able to take a few free classes. I left the kids with my father and was off. Although I was unable to make the Yoga class :( I did do an ABsolutely Work out thing and for the first time took a Pilate's and "intro" to ballet class!!
The ab work out class was okay. It wasn't challenging enough but I did learn some new moves I can try at home. And like my sister said its good that although most everyone else in the class was "dying" I didn't find it tough it meant that I'm getting stronger :)
I have done Pilate's before but only on workout videos at home, never in a legit class so this was my first time and it was more challenging then the ab workout class. My muscles, I didn't even know I had, were BURNING and it felt GREAT :) The instructor is a ballet dancer as well and we did some, what I call, "intro" to ballet on the barre.
I have always wanted to, and still want to, take a ballet class so this was my little intro and I liked it.
I looked a little like a scarecrow with my arms and hands but I enjoyed it and will be looking into a ballet class for myself in the near future.
Over all the work out was not very challenging but it was a First and a adventure that allowed me to try new things! :)
Thank you for reading!
New blog post coming tonight for today's adventure so be sure to come back :)

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