Saturday, May 7, 2011

Disney Street Games and Bats

Sorry guys tonight is going to be another short post to be updated sometime this weekend.
Today was the first time I went to a street festival put on by Disney. It was really fun and the kids got to learn how to skateboard and try pogo stick.
After that we went to Belvedere Castle and I touched and saw bats for the first time. I have had a bat encounter before but it was completely unintentional and scary!
As promised before I will Update these two blog post with more info and pictures.
Thank you for reading.
I don't know how moms with multiple children do it, I'm exhausted and I have another first tomorrow and dance classes in the morning.
Thank you for reading!
I learned about the Disney Street Games "festival" from the rec center that the kids and I visited when we volunteered in Central Park. The flyer said that the festival was free and ended at 3pm so imagine how bad I felt when we showed up at 2:20pm. I was so upset with myself I figured that the festival would be packing up and nothing would be left for the kids to try or do but I was pleasantly surprised to see the festivities were in full swing. And our time of arrival was great because it had just stopped pouring rain as we stepped off the subway. Once we got there the kids planted some seeds in their own flower pots, got tips on how to start their own gardens and a quick lesson on the importance of veggies!Then we played corn hole, which I don't see the purpose of, hula hooped and bounced on the big over sized balls with handles on them. After that we got to do the "real stuff". They both tried pogo stick for the first time and this was when I realized that pogo sticks are a bit trickier then they appear to be. After not being able to make it work for them the kids gave up and went over to learn how to skateboard. They loved it and were really good at it for learning for the first time too! I was shocked that Leilani, my daughter, even tried it. By the end of there little lesson the instructor was trying to teach them how to do a trick! After the festival we still had the bat lecture/ show to go to in Central Park.

    Skater dude!
    Skater Chick!
  • The festival was the first Disney festival that I attended.
  • The first time I went to the Thomas Jefferson Rec center
    • which was really nice by the way :)
  • The first time I went over to 1st ave
  • And led to the first time of me riding the #15 bus
One thing about me is that I don't really like riding buses, maybe it comes from having to ride one 9 months pregnant in high school... lol, but I'm learning how to ride the bus and that they can actually be quite convenient and useful.
After getting off the #15 bus we went over to Central Park and this was the first time that I had been inside the little boat house near the Conservatory where people sail their model boats. After eating our lunch it was off to the bat lecture.

    Inside the boat house

    Stellaluna and the gang
  • This was the first time I had even been that close to a bat and touched one!!! eeekk! I know.
  • The first bat lecture I ever attended and I was actually interested!
    • Did you know bats are mammals, can live to be 34 and only three types are blood suckers!?
      • :)
The kids also got to touch the bats and enjoyed themselves but we had to leave before the end because the kids were restless, my butt was hurting from the concrete stairs and the weather was getting cooler and we didn't have jackets.
Last night was also the first time I ordered a Sicilian pizza. BIG MISTAKE! I thought like most people probably do that Sicilian means loaded with meat. Right?! NO!! Sicilian is a HUGE piece of dough and A LOT of cheese on it. I mean my arm literally hurt from carrying that huge thing. Last nights dinner was a huge fail. Lol we literally had cheese and bread for dinner.. yumm... NOT. :) lol oo0o0 well you live and you learn.
Once again thank you for reading! And I will be putting up more pictures and videos on my YouTube channel. :)

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