Thursday, May 26, 2011

72 Bus and Little Shop of Crafts

Today after the Zoo the kids an I went to The Little Shop of Crafts on the UWS.
To back track a bit the zoo was, the zoo. However! Today was the first time I saw a/the Polar Bear swimming and like usual I was more into it then the kids :)

After we left the zoo I decided to give the pottery store another go since we were unable to paint yesterday due to my untimely arrival."Wine Time" for adults which by the way I'm definitely going back for!

Leilani's Unicorn
The pottery store is at the far end of the island and I had on heels, for the first time in NYC, so I didn't feel much like walking so we got on the 72 bus. This was the first time I had riden this bus and I must say I'm getting better at navigating the whole bus thing !
We got to the store and the kids picked out their pieces of plaster and got to painting.

My feet in my heels!
Total First for today: 4!
  • Seeing a Polar Bear swim
  • Wearing heels in NYC
  • Riding the 72 bus
  • Taking the kids to the Little Shop of Crafts by myself
Thank you for reading ! o0o0 an I changed my settings so now you are all free to coment away!! :)

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