Thursday, May 19, 2011

Fish, Happy Feet, Mojitos(Updated)

Once again this a short blog to be updated later. Today is my official birthday... long immigration staory wouldn't be much fun to hear lol, so I am currently under the influnece of 1.5 Mojitos, I know doesn't sound like much but I am FAR from a drinker and Im ready to drink water and go to be. So This will be updated tomorrow ! :)
Thank you all for dealing with me but hey its my 21st! Lol
First off sorry about the horrible spelling lol.
So once again I am exhausted not from mojitos this time but from my day today( the 20th).
Yesterday the kids an I went back to the aquarium and the beach.
My First for yesterday was watching the 4D Happy Feet movie that they have at the aquarium which is once again, my favorite price, FREE because I'm a member. I have seen Happy Feet before but this was my First time watching the short 4D film that they have at the aquarium. I must say that either I was really emotional yesterday or the short film really touched me because I wanted to cry at how, please don't, much animals go through and how much we, as humans, make them go through. Long crazy emotional moment short I am SO much more convinced that I want to help animals for the rest of my life, I'm not quite sure how yet but that will come with time;) I mean I almost wanted to completely give up meat watching the movie, which doesn't make much sense because its not like I eat penguin for lunch or anything...? lol haha (I'm laughing out loud while typing this, WOW I'm delusional tired...hahah) Sorry (still laughing).
The next first was having mojitos with my dad and one of our family friends. Nothing too exciting to tell but that they were yummy and as you read above very effective :)
My final First for the day was cutting up fish. (Why am I laughing again?! lol, there was nothing funny about that last sentence....?)
Some friends of my father's came over with fresh fish that they had just caught from a fishing trip and gave us some, my father told me to cut up the fish and I said sure! Not having the slightest clue on how to cut fish. So I did what any level headed person would do I grabbed the meat cleaver and hacked Thank goodness the fish was gutted but I did find some weird organ thing and flipped out and then I started thinking about the aquarium and how beautiful all those fish were and here I was hacking these poor little fish into unidentifiable pieces, and then I realized that people do this all the time, cut their own fish, but I live in a society were something as basic as cutting fish is rare thing to do. Wow I had too much going on yesterday lol. I also tried filleting one of the fish and thought I did a good job until I showed my dad and he looked at me like: Really? So I looked down at my fish and realized that it looked like a bear had mauled it to pieces and laughed at my "filleted" fish.
Total first for yesterday: 3
Deep thought moments: Too many to count
Thank you for reading an I will have pics up soon. Sorry I lost my USB cord and can't upload.
Thank you for reading!

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