Monday, May 30, 2011

MAY 28th Post: Airport with 2 KIDS!

Sorry I haven't been consistent, I'm on vacation in Florida which means lots of family and friend time!
Then to top it all of my daughter an I are getting sickly :(!!
Any how let me back track and tell you my May 28th First :)
May 28th was the first time that I was in an airport with two kids by myself! At first I was REALLY worried because both my nephew and daughter like myself were VERY excited to go to Florida and because I was beginning to feel under the weather and was a bit extra cranky.
However, when we got to the airport check in was a BREEZE, security was a walk in the park, and waiting at the gate was an adventure! Being that I was feeling blah I just let the kids run around the waiting area I know probably not the best "parent" decision but whatever they're young and my head was in the congestion cloud.
Over all the First was surprisingly easy and breezy. I'd do it again I mean of course when they are 35 lol!
Total First for May 28th: 1! very big one that I'm proud I managed with out yelling! :)
Please bare with me while I try to get better to enjoy my vacation and be able to blog more regularly!
Thank yu for reading! Picture coming later PROMISE!

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