Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Homemade PIZZA

Tonight was the first time I made home made pizza from "scratch."
Yesterday when we went grocery shopping I saw pizza dough and all the ingredients to make pizza. I thought: Hey, why not? I'm trying new things and the kids will really enjoy it too!
So I bought all of the ingredients: multi-grain dough, pizza sauce, shredded cheese and pepperoni.
Even though I made chicken and rice earlier today and have plenty of left-overs I decided we were going to make pizza tonight anyways.
After going down stairs to buy an aluminum cookie sheet, because my father doesn't have one and I keep forgetting to get one, we came upstairs an I told the kids that they were going to help me make dinner tonight and that we were going to use our hands.
They were excited!
Once again I didn't let them know what we were going to make a pizza because it was a SURPRISE!
We began flattening the pizza dough which is A LOT harder than it seems I mean a lot...lol.
Then we piled the toppings on and put the pizzas in the oven after we of course made smiley faces with the olives that they wanted to add :)
It only took about 15-20 minutes for the pizza to be done. I then let the pizza cool down and cut it into pieces. I didn't eat that much because I had a great work out earlier and didnt want to ruin it. ( I know I sound ridiculous, but hey summers around the corner)
The pizza was really good and I will definitely be making home made pizza again and try different combination.
Maybe chicken, spinach and tomato. o0o00o or maybe a seafood pizza? Yeah that sounds yummy, seafood pizza.
The aluminum cookie sheets actually worked out better because we ate off of them and it saved my from having to clean dishes!
To see more pictures of our home-made pizza check out my other blog: http://teenmomny.blogspot.com/.
Once agian thank you for reading. I would love your feedback and any ideas on what I should try next :)

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