Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Bronx Zoo and Sistah Souljah

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday, I was EXHAUSTED, running around the city is tiring in its self but doing it with two toddlers is WOW!
Any how yesterday I went to the Bronx Zoo for what felt was the first time. Again I lived in the Bronx before so the school would take us on field trips but I don't really remember going and we certainly never saw that much of the zoo. But if you're still thinking that doesn't count then yesterday was the first time I took my daughter and nephew to the Bronx Zoo :)
I loved it! I never knew how big the zoo was and how many animlas it had. Going to all these zoos and aquariums makes me want to volunteer or work some time during school or after graduation with an environmental group. We saw giraffes, lions, tigers, and a bunch more animals.
Yesterday was also the first time I ever saw a Polar Bear dive into water and swim. Again I am so blown away by how graceful an animal so large can be in the water. I mean I'm no were close to being that graceful in the water, in fact I almost always look as if im drowning...lol.
The next first was seeing a film in 4D! The zoo has a theater and they have a short Dora and Diego film about the rain forest and being kind to animals and since I am a memember we are able to enjoy it for free! Like I said before this was the first time I had ever experienced a film in 4D and didn't know what to expect. I guess the 4D is incorporating your senses because the seats would move and vibrate, bubbles were blowing and they even had a "rain forest" scent being pumped into the theater. Over all it was fun and nice and I enjoyed it.
The next first was riding the bug carousel inside the zoo.
After leaving the Zoo we got on a city bus that I had never ridden before and was pretty proud of myself becuase for the first time I felt like I knew what I was doing when it came to riding the bus! :) Yeah for me.
After that we got some lunch at a nice grocery store and were off to H&M in Manhattan.
This was another first! Taking both kids to H&M by myself.
After H&M we went over to Barnes and Noble and was shocked to find out the Author Sister Souljah was there doing a book sigining. I was excited and really wanted to get my sister a signed copy of her favorite book, but I failed :( After waiting 2 hours with two kids and empty stomachs I had to call it quits. The line was barely moving and I still had to get on the subway home and cook dinner. However, that was the first time I saw Sister Souljah!
Once again another adventure and thank you for reading!
Come back later to read my adventure for today!
(Pics coming later)
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