Saturday, April 16, 2011

Performance at 92nd Street and Chop sticks

Today was the first time that I went to a performance at the 92nd street Y. I have been there before, but this was the first performance I have been able to see there. I took both my daughter and my nephew, since he will be staying with me for a month, to the performance. We arrived right before the performance began and took our seats on the floor,front row, just where i wanted to be. As many people I like to be up close when I watch the performing arts but I also wanted the children to get a front row view so they could see up close all that goes into dancing and performing.I think that the arts are a fundamental part of life and childhood. I was graciously exposed to the arts at a young age and have been in love ever since, so not only was this my first time watching a performance at the 92nd street Y but it was the first performance the children had seen.
Unfortunately photography was prohibited, so I have no photos but the performance was wonderful. There was a total of five performances and one that was especially wonderful. A solo by a young man that, to me, bought Salvador Dali's art work to life. The young man was dancing to spoken word. The movement and the words blended so well together that you could not only see and hear but also feel the story and the message.
The children enjoyed the show and even tried dancing like the dancers shortly after we left.

The 2nd first of today was my daughter's first time using, or trying to use would be more accurate, chop sticks. She has seen other people including family use chop sticks and after seeing them be used in a movie again she insisted that we go out for dinner that consisted of her getting and using chop sticks.
For her first time she did very well and the waiter was pretty impressed himself! My nephew has used chop sticks before so he tried to show her how to use them. Over all it was another wonderful day in the city. Good weather, good company and another everyday adventure!

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