Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 28th: No Daily Show:( I drank lol

*updated with photo*
Yup what was supposed to be a very enthusiastic post about attending a live taping on The Daily Show is actually "normal" post lol.
The story goes I was running a bit late to the taping once I got off the subway I RAN to the studio so at this point my hair was a mess, my feet hurt, I was sweaty and out of breath when the bouncer basically told me: " Sorry 'bout'cha". I was as you can guess devastated so I sat in Dewitt Clinton park, which was the First I had been there, and sulked.  Lol
After a few minutes of pity I text my friend and asked her if she wanted to go get a drink and of course being a great friend and understanding my frail state she agreed lol.
I met her at her job which was right around the corner and we went uptown to Asia Kan, which resulted in my second First of the day!
While there I decided to get a Sapporo since I've never had one before. My third First of the day :)
After a little chatting we got our food which was an Indian Pancake with curry sauce. My fourth First of the day :)

My beer :)
The pancake was really good!
And so in conclusion my sad state of not attending the Daily Show taping was soon forgotten once I had a cold one and good company :)
Total First of June 28th: FOUR!!
And this day was especially good because I had a long time coming epiphany !:)
Thank you for reading!
Sorry my computer has been acting like itself lately so that's why my post have been delayed.

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