Thursday, June 23, 2011

Tango, Face Time Re-arranging and BJ's

Can't wait for my June 28th post!! I'm going to a live taping of the my favorite show, Daily Show with John Stewart!!!

Today I woke up and realized something had to be done about my room. I mean I have let it get pretty outta hand, shamefully I know. And yesterday night I slept on the bed/couch that is right by my windows and the breeze coming through the window was DELICIOUS, so I had to re-arrange my bedroom to get my bed closer to the window as well. When I started I was a bit overwhelmed because of all the CRAP in my room but after throwing a lot out and putting more things in my donation pile my room was on it's way to being re-arranged. After I finished I was quite impressed it was my First time re-arranging my room since moving back to NYC and I did a great job and it was CLEAN!!
After that I finally headed over to BJ's Whole Sale and went grocery shopping. This was the First time I had ever been to BJ's by myself and after paying way too much for a cab I got home and realized why I had never went without my father, because all of the stuff is HUGE and HEAVY and hard to carry while keeping an eye on a five year old girl. I got lucky though and had someone there to unlock the door and some kids from the building where nice enough to help me bring my purchases up to my apartment!
After some lazy time and my daughter letting me know that she did not want to go out again and just wanted to "belaxe" I called my sister and decided to try Tango, the video chat App on the iPhone, for the First time. I called her and after a little while she told me that she would rather FaceTime which is another video chat the iPhone does instead. So we Face Timed chat.
Total  First for June 23rd: 4!
  • Re-arranging my New York room
  • BJ's WholeSale by "myself"
  • Using Tango
  • Using Face Time
Well really 2! if you don't count the First two.
On a side note does anyone know if a place lie a women's and children's center that I can drop off some donations to in NYC? It would really help because after calling a few places I haven't found one that will take gently used clothing unless its dry cleaned and still on the hanger with the bag over it!
Thank you for reading!

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