Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 22nd: Food Emporium, Union Square Best Buy and some flavor thing...

Yesterday was my First real day back in the lovely city of New York and I had nothing planned for a First but I had a few things to take care of, so after I took care of them I went over to Union Square by my daughter's request. I have been meaning to buy a microphone for a while now and since I have never been to any Best Buy in the city yet let alone the one in Union Square I decided to check it out.
My First First of the day: Going to Union Square Best Buy which also happens to be the only 24 hour Best Buy store in the world.
Once inside I realized that I was very hungry and after asking about 10 different sales associates where the microphones were I finally found them and checked out.

24 Hour Best Buy in Union Square
When I left the store I also realized that there was still no food at the house and that I needed to buy something if we (my daughter, father an I) were going to eat anything tonight. Since I have been to the Whole Foods in Union Square quite a few times and prefer the one in Columbus Circle instead I decided to go to the Food Emporium. I have never been to the Food Emporium and the only thing I knew about it I learned in RENT. So off I went to my second First of the day: Shopping at the Food Emporium. After looking around a bit and picking out a few things I went to check out and realized I didn't have my credit card, so I flipped out! lol I was hungry and I couldn't find my credit card. You would think by now that I wouldn't flip out so bed considering I'm really good at misplacing things, but I do. I had to leave the Food Emporium with no food and just decided to get on the subway home. I was pretty sure my credit card was in my tote bag and really didn't care if it was to be honest with you so I started making my way home. On the subway I suddenly cared all over again, probably because I realized that there was still no food home an I should look for my credit card if I planned on eating. So I did and would'ya know I found inside a notebook.
Once I made it home I had to go to the local grocery store which I DESPISE by the way and look for something to eat. While I was there I found a little flavor packet that said: "Add this to your chicken an it'll taste like Thai" so I did and it taste lie absolutely NOTHING! I wish I would've taken a picture of it to warn you guys never to but it. Sorry
Over all it was a good day!
My dinner was horrible :( but only because of my own laziness so I deserved it.
Total First for June 22nd: 3!
  • Food Emporium
  • Union Square Best Buy
  • and yuck flavor packet.
Thank you for reading!

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