Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 21st: Sardines

I'm finally back home after a LONG vacation in Florida. Even though I love my friends and family in Florida I prefer New York A LOT better.
My flight back home was quick and easy the only thing that wasn't nice was that someone stole my daughter's iPod. The fact that someone can steal from a five year old girl is BEYOND me, but hey what can I do about it now? Nothing but change all my passwords and get her a new one LATER.
Any how since it was the day of my flight I didn't do anything too exciting for my First and unfortunately my father hadn't cooked so when I got home I was STARVING, on account of I didn't eat breakfast or lunch because I was REALLY hoping to eat Chick Fil A before leaving Florida.... but that didn't happen.
My father didn't cook and like a true bachelor he had NO food in the kitchen. I was so hungry I almost bit into a box of fruit snacks because I was so hungry and couldn't imagine having to open the box, take out a pack, open the pac and then eat
After sometime and a lot or whining on my part my father went down stairs and returned with... nothing really.. lol so then I had to go downstairs and get a few things and one of the things I got was a new brand of Sardines I have never tried before. I know, I know not very exciting but hey was hungry and it was a FIRST :)
Hey have any of you tried fried kool aid? I really want to try and make it but can't find a recipe or a place to try it.
Total First for June 21st: 1!
  • A new brand of Sardines.
I'm off to bed because I'm tired and NEED to DESPERATELY get back on a normal sleeping pattern.
My First for today June 22nd include to Food Emporium, Best Buy Union Square and ... I'll blog about it tomorrow so be sure to come back! I know that wasn't nice but... :)
Once again thank you for reading!
(Pics will come tomorrow for this pist and the previous)

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