Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 10th: Rango, Vintage and Casey's Corner

On June 10th I took the kids and Leilani's older sister to the movies. We weren't hundred percent sure on what we wanted watch so we checked all the movie listings and settled on Rango. In short that movie was the worst thing that I have ever seen!!  I mean Johnny Depp really could've done better. I have no idea why people would think that movie was appropriate for children. Usually kid movies are funny and make you laugh, I sat through the movie for about 45 minutes and did not laugh once. My nephew was begging to leave and after I could no longer take the violence, too mature plot line and seeing three families walk out I decided to take my nephew's advice and leave too. This was the First time I saw Rango and the First time I ever walked out of a movie and with my kids at that.
We left the movie got a bite to eat, did a little shopping and then went to the park.

At Steak and Shake with my first sweet tea in MONTHS!
Later that night I went out with my good friend Erica. I met her and a few other people that we used to work with downtown. This was the First time I ever parked at the Plaza Parking Lot, the First time I went to Casey's Corner and Vintage in downtown Orlando. The bars we went to weren't really my style but I had a good time because I was with good company. Good company makes all the difference. When it was time to go I got lost in the parking garage but thankfully I found my way out lol.

View of Downtown Orlando from a friends terrace
Total First for June 10th: 4!
I've grown to realize that even though I can't stand the state of Florida I will always have a place in my heart for southern gentlemen, sweet tea and mud!
Thank you for reading and let me know what I should do next!

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