Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 13th: Cantu Leave in Hair Conditioner

One thing about me that my family can't stand is my need to over pack. I love to over pack because I mean if I need something its better to have it then to miss it right? Well I learned quick while I was going to Spain this year, for the First time, that over packing is a B%tch! My over packing and over spending in Spain led to my bag being over in weight and me having to CARRY 1/4 of my suitcase contents. Not fun! Especially since I had to ride the Airtrain in JFK, transfer subways and carry my suitcase up the stairs and walk two and a half blocks home! This taught me a valuable lesson my family had been trying to tell me for years STOP OVER PACKING!
So this time around I decided to pack light... an since I never have before I forgot to pack a bra, outfits and HAIR products. Basically anything that made sense to pack. Now for those who do not have natural hair and for those who do having natural hair should know that having natutral hair with no products is just about impossible!
Yesterday in an effort to help my appearance, well really my hair, I went over to Wal-Mart and searched for a decent hair product that would hydrate and keep my curls in tact. The other day while I was on Twitter I remember seeing one of the girls that I follow say something about Cantu hair products and since I didn't remember what she said I used my handy dandy white iPhone and looked up the reviews for the product.
I was so proud of myself for utilizing my iPhone for something other than Twitter and Facebook! And my "research" led to me buying the Cantu hair product because 144 reviews told me too.
My first for June 13th was buying Cantu Leave in hair product.

My hair... see I NEED my products

Total First for June 13th: 1!
I haven't used it yet but I will tomorrow( the 15th) and let you all know how it goes.
Thank you for reading! I think my post from this upcoming weekend will be about/from MIAMI!!! whooohoo so that should be fun but its still all up in the air so... we shall see.

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