Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 27th: Bronx Congo

**Updated with pictures**
Yesterday's First was visiting the Bronx Zoo's Gorilla compound.
The compound was really nice and was walk through exhibit of the African Congo. Inside the there were animals from Africa that are endangered and might not be around in a number of years if nothing is done to help the conservation efforts. I really enjoy taking my daughter to the zoo and museums because she ask me to go and because when we are there she ask numerous questions which lets me know that she's engaged and interested in learning.
Once inside, the walk though exhibit we saw several different animals and even got to see a Mandrill up close thanks to a guy that had on a monkey mask. When the Mandrill saw the mask he decided to get off from his tree and come check out the "monkey" closer.

After walking through a bit more I saw that there was a theatre in the exhibit and decided to check it out. Once inside at first look I was wondering why there was a projector screen instead of a "real" movie theatre screen but I let it go and watched the film. The film was about the continuous conservation efforts in the African Congo and how although the efforts make an impact it is the responsibility of the entire human race to help in any way possible. As I was watching the film I got the animal activist feeling all over again and when I got home I actually looked up jobs through the Wildlife Conservation Society. After the film was over the screen rolled up and the black curtain behind it moved to the side and you had a panoramic view of the Gorilla compound. It was gorgeous. When you walked out of the theatre you got to see more of the compound and the Gorillas were quite a joy to watch. One in particular was running around and taunting, poking and even jumping on the others that were trying to relax or eat. It was especially funny to see him run away, while pounding his chest, from the large male that he bugged some much that he actually got up and made like he was going to run after him. After the others ignored him he came down to the glass the began to bang on it. My daughter and I were both very entertained and stayed for a while just to watch them interact with one another. I liked how calm and easy going they looked.
Total First for  June 27th: 1!

  • Bronx Zoo Gorilla Compound

The enterance to the Compound

One of the Gorillas in the compound

"Monkey Man" and the Mandrill
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