Thursday, June 2, 2011

June 1: Strawberry Beer

Yesterday I was feeling alot better but since I have no car I was at home with the kids all day.
So I texted one of my best friends and asked her if she wanted to hang out and of course she said yes, shes my best friend!
I will admit that I have forgotten a bit about my blog(S) with all my doing nothing and coughing, so last night I realized that I still hadn't done something for the First time. So I set out to try a beer that I haven't tasted yet. So I went to the local liquior store and bought a Strawberry Beer. When I got back home I put the beer in the fridge and let it get really cold then I drunk it, well more like tasted it. It turned out to be really good actually a good blend between beer and the Strawberry flavor, it wasn't too sweet or too beer-ish. I would like to take a beer and wine pairing class because it would be fun to learn the different hops, blends, flavors and brewing methods.
Total First for yesterday: 1! Strawberry Beer.
Fruli Strawberry Beer

Me and my Strawberry beer
Thank you for reading!

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