Sunday, June 12, 2011

June 9th: 1992 Sunbird

Sorry I haven't been on my blogging lately. I have no good excuses lol
After I woke up at the family friends home my sister had to leave and go to work which meant that I had no car and was "stuck" at the friends house. The kids were going to stay and play with their friends for a bit but I had a few things that I had do to and I wanted to get away from the kids for a bit. My friend, David, told me that I could take one of his cars if I wanted to and I wanted to lol so I did.
This was the First time I had driven a 92 Pontiac Sunbird.
Surprisingly the car was in REALLY good shape and ran great.
Unfortunately  this was my only First for the day, but it was well worth it because I got to get away from the kids.
Thank you for reading!
Total First for June 9th: 1!

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