Friday, June 10, 2011

June 8th: Jalapeno Olives, Herseys Dark Chocolate and Sleep over

On June 8th I went over to a long time family friends house and spent the night with the kids and my sister. Even though I have been friends with these people for over a decade I had never spent the night there before so this was my First for the day.
While I was over there I tried an olive stuffed with jalapeno which was really good. I love olives especially olives stuffed with just about anything. Then the next thing I tired for the first time was Hershey's Dark Chocolate to be honest I didn't like it too much because it didn't taste like Dark Chocolate it tasted like milk chocolate that someone put a little too much cocoa in it. I think dark chocolate so Hershey's you kinda let me down there.
Total First for June 8th: 3!
Sleep over at friends house, Olive stuffed with jalapeno and Hershey's "Dark" chocolate.
Sorry so short I'm trying to catch up an I'm on my way to go see Rango with the kids!

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