Friday, June 3, 2011

iPhone and Luna bar

Today I was inducted into team iPhone! My sister, Raven, has been wanting to get me an iPhone for the longest and I haven't let her however, when I lost the back to my phone, had pieces falling off of it and letters no longer working I figured that I should probably give in. So today, after trying to convince her the whole way to the store to not buy the phone I walked out with the new white iPhone and a Otter Box case. The guys at the store were really nice and helpful an one was a lilttle cute ;)
Today was my First time ever getting an iPhone!! I'm still learning how to get around and all the functions. I feel like a big girl now!!
After we left the store I went to Albertsons, a grocery store, and I got a new Luna Bar I never tasted before. One thing about me is that I LOVE protien bars and stuff like that so when I saw a new flavor, chocolate chunk I had to get it. Boy am I glad I did it was so yummy!!
Total First for today: 2!
Yummy Luna bar!

A HORRIBLE picture of me and MY iPhone!!
Thank you RAVEN I LOVE YOU!!!
Thank you for reading love you too!

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