Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 7th: Ritas and pickled Herring

YEAH I feel A LOT better today!! What did I do last night to feel so much better this morning? Nothing, I went to bed early like most normal people do ;) . I feel so much better that I actually worked out this morning! Which led me to a new discovery I think a more when I work out as well as feel a lot better over all. Don't get me wrong I still miss home, NYC, but now that I feel better I feel that I can enjoy my vacation a lot more!
Yesterday the kids and I went over to a friend of the family's home and hung out and while we were there I did what I usually do... EAT! (o yeah now that I feel better I'm eating too!) My friend had some pickled Herring and since I usually eat dried Herring at home on salad I figured I'd give pickled Herring a try and it was good! I wasn't to fond of the sweet taste but it was actually really good so, I put it on my salad!
My First First of the day: Pickled Herring

After we left our friends house we went to the ever so dreaded nail shop because my sister had to get her nails done and I reluctantly allowed my daughter to get hers painted as well. I don't like little girls with make-up or nail polish or anything that makes them look and or feel like older women. So me a Toddlers and Tiaras and other shows like that are not friends.
I DIGRESS ;) While my sister was getting her nails done, in an effort to not let my daughter get her nails done, I took my sisters car and the kids to Rita's. A small little custard shop here in Apopka.
This was my second First of the day going to Rita's.
While we where inside I saw they had custard, gelatio, and Italian icee. My daughter said she wanted an Icee but I found it difficult to pay $2.50 and up for an icee when I can get the same thing in NYC for $1 in any park or block. Instead her and my nephew both got a chocolate custard and I had one as well.

The kids and chocolate custard
In the end my daughter got her nails painted. As my sister said "Its not like she gets them painted all the time and since I don't see her that often anymore its our 'thing' ". Maybe my daughter telling me I was her hero mommy helped and the fact that she expressed to me that she knows getting her nails painted doesn't make her a big girl and that she is still "mommy's intelligent big girl" helped a lot. I know i'm a sucker!

Total First for June 7th: 2!
Pickled Herring and Rita's in Apopka
Thank you for reading!

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