Monday, June 20, 2011

June 19th: Tembleque and Sharks

Today, June 19th, I will shamefully admit that I didn't have a well thought out First so when the clock rolled around to 10:30 pm I was a bit worried because I still had no First.
My friends and sister were trying to help me come up with a first and coming up with a First on a Sunday night in a bible belt town at 10pm is no easy task. Finally my friend Tara suggested that I try a culinary First and make Tembleque. I have never made Tembleque so this was my First for the day.
Tembleque is a Coconut pudding dessert originally from Puerto Rico.
The process is really easy. You empty the powdery mix into and saucepan with milk stir and boil then enjoy!

The mix

Finished product with cinnamon
I look like I'm selling it. lol
o0o0o0o0MG I almost forgot to tell you guys that I while I was at the beach swimming like a little mermaid there were a SHARK yes SHARK sighting! This was the FIRST time I had ever seen sharks at the beach and in their natural habitat. It was pretty wild! There were quite a few of them maybe 5 give or take! People were saying that they thought it was dolphins but I beg to differ. Lol. Either way I didn't want to get back in especially NOT knowing what "they" were.
The beach was amazing today though and it made my Florida complete! I love the beach and everything about it. The smell, the sounds and the water.
Its late an I'm tired so I am off to bed
Once again thank you to all of my readers an have a great night or day (depending on when you read this)
Total First for the day 2!
Tembleque and SHARKS!!

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