Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 20th: Vixen Touch

On my last day in Florida I wanted to go out really bad but there isn't that many things to do in Orlando, Florida on a Monday night. So after searching through the web my friend an I found a club called Touch, so my sister an I decided to go there since its new and seems to be the only thing to do. After getting ready and finally finding a parking spot my sister an I were on our way to Touch for the First time. When we go there the "club" was DEAD I mean really really dead! So of course we left. Then we went to Mako's for like 30 seconds because I can't stand that place and the music started YELLING at Not wanting to give up my sister decided to do the only thing that would definetly make the night better: get a slice! The pizza place that she likes to go to when in downtown Orlando is right next to a club called Vixen.
I have never been to Vixen so after my sister finished her slice we went to Vixen to check it out. My second First of the day!
The man at the door was VERY nice an actually helped us get rid of this creepy guy that wouldn't stop harassing me. He let us now that the music inside was drum and bass. This ment nothing to me on account of I had NO IDEA what drum and bass music but soon found out. Drum and bass is kinda like techno/ house/ something all its own. It was actually pretty cool to me or my ability to adapt to any situation really helped me out :) My sister looked like her ear were bleeding but I didn't care and was soon jumping/ dancing around like the other people inside!
Total First for June 20th: 3!
  • Club Touch
  • Club Vixen
  • Listening and discovering what Drum and Bass music is
Thank you for reading!
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