Monday, June 6, 2011

June 4: Green Dress, Groove and pool

On June 4th I still woke up half healthy but still decided to go swimming with my sister and friends. One thing about me is that I don't really like pools, something about the water gets my allergies really going, the chlorine makes me feel like sand paper and its just nothing compared to good old salt water. Any how since we don't have a pool in true Florida fashion we went to a friends pool. This was the first time that I had been swimming at this friends pool and the first time that I was in full sized pool that was only four feet deep. It also reinforced things I already knew. One, I need to take swimming lessons I mean I know how to swim but I would like to take lessons, I think that I forget to breathe when I swim...? and that I still didn't feel one hundred percent better, but oh well I'm on vacation and can't just keep laying in bed! One of my good friends Erica also helped me realize that I'm probably most likely still sick because of me. Stress really does but a damper on things.
Anyhow! After the pool I went to a few stores to look for something to wear out. I did this whole packing light thing this time around for the first time ever and boy does it SUCK! I mean I forgot hair products, a normal bra, clothing to go out in, clothing to do nothing in and HEELS!??
An since I have little to no money I was using my sisters card and didn't want to spend much. So when I found a green dress that was on the clearance rack, my favorite rack, I didn't get it. Sure the price was great but... Green I mean really? and it was a size three which I was pretty certain I wouldn't fit into. But on of my friends told me to try it so I did and I looked HAWT!! :)
Needless to say it fit which I can't remember the last time I was a size 3 and that the green didn't look bad. This was the First green dress I had ever bought.  I know it sounds silly but I think that we often times get set in our fashion "ways" and don't buy outside our comfort zone.
My next First was wearing heels to City Walk. Everytime I have been out to City Walk I would wear anything BUT heels. Even though I love heels I wouldn't wear heels to City Walk because of the long walk to the clubs there. But I put on some heels to comphensate for my horrible hair do and the dress called for heels. Once we got to City Walk we went to the Groove. Now the Groove isn't really my style... for many reasons... and when I got in there I confirmed with myself that it was not my preferred club of choice. Shortly after we left and went to Latin Quaters and Bob Marley's which are my style. I had a blast and upon waking in the morning I completely forgot I had heels on the night before!

Green Dress and heels!
Total First for "today": 4!

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