Sunday, June 26, 2011

Freshly Ground and Shake Shack

Today was a LOVELY day and a great day to go to Central Park since getting back home from my Florida vacation. The weather was like epic good :)
My daughter an I went down to Central Park to check out the Summer Stage and just relax a bit. This morning I saw on Twitter that the theme for today was African music and really wanted to check it out an I remember my father taking me to Summer Stage when I used to live here. When we arrived my daughter was a great sport and navigated the crowd perfectly and after we heard this women with a wonderful voice sing the MC came on and said that Freshly Ground would be next and the crowd went nuts. I'm not even going to lie I have never heard of Freshly Ground before but figured that if the band was getting such a rise out of the crowd and they weren't even on stage then I was going to stay and check them out and after listening to them I see why the crowd was so pumped.
So this was my First for the day: Hearing and seeing Freshly Ground in concert!

Freshly Ground

Again :)
Their music is really message driven, positive and a reminder of what REAL music is. The band all around is talented and they use all types of insturments. When you hear their music it just makes you want to move :)
My daughter soon told me she was hungry and I agreed so we had to leave :( but I'm glad that we went :)
After we left I met up with a good friend of mine, Shanika, and we all walked together to a place to get a bite to eat. After saying no to every menu I looked at on Columbus I decided that we would just got to Shake Shack. Another First for the day: Going to Shake Shack.
I have seen Shake Shack before but never ate there even though I heard that they had great burgers so I was kinda excited to check it out. I ordered a double cheeseburger and when I got it the I noticed the burger was MASSIVE and after taking a bite I realized it was delicious! The burger tasted like a burger and even the fries, I don't do fries, were really good as well.

They're so busy they have a pager that tells you when your burger is ready

My double burger.
You can't even see the bun lol
Once again another great day! With great company in a wonderful city:)
Total First for today:2!

  • Seeing Freshly Ground in concert 
  • Going to Shake Shack
Thank you for reading! :)

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